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Make Your Next Big Party Environmentally Friendly; Use Biodegradable Forks and Spoons from Party Supplies Emporium's Wooden Cutlery Collection

When the weather is just right, there is not much else that is as enjoyable as having a gathering of all your family and friends, cooking up a bunch of tasty food, and throwing a big outdoor party. In the space between the planning stages to the moment when you finally get to enjoy a refreshing beverage and enjoy good company, there are many things to consider. Planning your party carefully will ensure that it goes off without a hitch. From planning out the menu to deciding what kind of music to play, hammering out all those little details is fun, but it's also an opportunity to make things easier. You should be enjoying yourself at this event — not worrying about doing the washing up later!

When you plan to serve food at a party, cutlery is essential to enable your guests to serve themselves. Using real silverware is impractical, though, and using disposable plastic cutlery is not very good for the environment. Why not use items that are not only disposable but compostable, too? With wooden forks and spoons from Party Supplies Emporium, you can do just that! Our easy online ordering system gives you a quick option for stocking up on all the utensils you'll need to have a successful bash.

Wooden cutlery makes clean-up easy and eco-friendly

What's so great about choosing wooden cutlery over plastic? There's plenty to love! The simple but functional design lends a stylish elegance to any party time meal. Instead of using environmentally unfriendly plastics, our wooden spoons, forks, and knives are made from only from 100% birch wood, sourced from a Forest Stewardship Council certified plantation. Relying on renewable resources goes hand in hand with the fact that these wooden items are compostable as well. Within three months, most home compost systems will completely break down your used forks.

Whether you're setting places at a table or encouraging guests to serve themselves from a buffet style table, wooden cutlery is the ideal silverware solution. Our spoons and forks are sturdy enough to stand up to both hot and cold foods with ease. Meanwhile, you cut down on the amount of garbage you generate, impress your guests with an interesting product, and end up with an excellent contribution to your compost heap as well!

We are a proven, trusted supplier ready to help make your party amazing

With 16 years of total operating experience and six years of providing quality online service, Party Supplies Emporium focuses on making it easy for all of our customers to throw fun, exciting parties without having to worry about where to get everything you need. Next time you're planning an outdoor BBQ party, don't forget to lay out our environmentally friendly wooden spoons and cutlery! We get orders out the door quickly every time a customer places an order with us. Our experienced staff is also always happy to answer questions and assist you with party and product ideas. Give us a call on 1300 668 447 and let us know what you need.