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Palm Leaf Disposable Plates

Need a Unique Plate to Tie Together Your Party's Spread? Check Out Party Supplies Emporium's Unique Palm Leaf Disposable Plates

When a big event that you've been planning and working on for quite some time approaches, it's only natural to start getting excited! Planning a party should always be a fun process. As you go down the checklist of things that you needed to take care of, though, what happens if you run into something you forgot to arrange? For example, maybe you didn't think ahead to what kind of plates you will use to serve food. If you don't have enough plates in your cabinets to suit your party's demands, don't run right out and buy a big pack of disposable plates just yet. Take a moment to consider the advantage of buying unique palm leaf plates online from Party Supplies Emporium instead.

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Made entirely from natural products and designed to be durable, our palm leaf disposable plates are not just a convenient way to display and serve food at any party. They're also distinctive and can lend a unique "wow" factor when your guests pick them up for a helping of tasty finger food. With a friendly staff that looks after every order to ensure proper fulfilment, the Party Supplies Emporium can help you tick off that final box on your to-do list.

Palm leaf plates are perfect before and after the party

These disposable palm plates are the result of a fascinating and innovative process. Sourced from renewable Areca palm trees, workers collect and sort the leaves. Then they are gently cleaned and prepared for processing. At no point do chemicals or dyes come in contact with the material. Afterwards, they are layered, cut, and shaped in a heat press. The finished product is a sturdy plate well suited to use in parties, especially because they are biodegradable.

Party Supplies Emporium offers a disposable plate made of palm leaf in several sizes. Try out the large platter size plate and create a stunning centrepiece of fruits and cheeses to go on your party table. Let guests grab their own helping with our small and large sized square plates. Combine them with our wooden disposable cutlery and you'll have taken care of all the serving needs for your party. The only thing left to do after that is to sit back and enjoy the festivities. After all, you planned it — you deserve to enjoy yourself!

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Whether you're looking to tie together a tropical theme party with a palm leaf plate or you simply like the fact that they are disposable and made of renewable materials, Party Supplies Emporium is a fun place to shop on the web. One quick look and you'll see how easy it is to use our site to find all the supplies you need to throw a great birthday party or family event! We also have experienced staff members standing by to give you aid and advice when you need help finding a particular item. Call us on 1300 668 447 and we'll be ready to help you out.