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Plan an Awards-Worthy Oscars Theme Party, with Hollywood Party Decorations from Brisbane's Party Supplies Emporium

Watching the Oscars or other awards shows alone can be fun at first, but it can quickly turn into a rather sleepy experience. Hollywood award shows are just too long, with too many commercial breaks and too much filler. As a standalone piece of entertainment, the Oscars and other awards shows leave something to be desired.

Still, with the right food and drink, the right group of people and the right decorations, you can turn Oscar night into one of the most fun nights of the year! There's nothing like arguing with family members about who should have won an award, playing 'guess the celebrity's age' with all of the stars on the red carpet or having an Oscar pool where the person with the most accurate predictions for the night wins a prize!

What You Need for a Perfect Oscars Party

There are a few things that every Oscars party needs: a big-screen TV to watch the show, plenty of snacks and appetisers, Oscar ballots where your guests can check off their predictions in each category and a bit of champagne to accentuate the glitz and glam of Hollywood's biggest night.

If you want to turn your Oscars party into a truly awards-worthy spectacle, though, then you are going to need to focus some of your attention on the decorations. A red carpet, a golden curtain, balloons in appropriate colours (black, gold, silver and white are the natural choices), star decorations, etc. These types of decorations are all the rage for Hollywood parties and will serve as a strong foundation for the look and feel of your party.

If you are shopping for Hollywood party decorations in Brisbane, Party Supplies Emporium can help. In our 16 years of business, we've helped film buffs all over Australia pull off note-perfect Oscar parties. The essentials listed above (the red carpet, the curtain, the balloons, etc.) are just the tip of the iceberg for the Hollywood party supplies that we have in stock. Create fun and funny photo opportunities with Hollywood scene setters and appropriate props, like golden awards statues or director's clapboards. Plan a fancy dinner as part of your event, with ritzy place cards and impressive table centerpieces. We even have specialty invitations, perfect for telling guests about your Hollywood theme party in Brisbane!

The list of Hollywood party supplies available from Brisbane's Party Supplies Emporium goes on and on. Wall decorations and ceiling decorations; movie star photo props; lanterns; black and silver wristbands and VIP entrance signs; disposable wine and champagne glasses. We have a prop or decoration to suit every facet of your Oscar night bash!

Need Help Picking out the Right Hollywood Party Decorations in Brisbane? Call Party Supplies Emporium Today!

Most of us will never get an invitation to the Oscars or other Hollywood award shows. With the right decorations, though, you can bring Hollywood to you with your next awards night party! Party Supplies Emporium is your headquarters for Hollywood theme party preparation in Brisbane. If you need help choosing the right decorations for your Hollywood theme party, feel free to give us a call on 1300 668 447.