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Disposable Pine Boats Plates

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Serve Up Exciting Finger Food in Fun Disposable Pine Boats! These Disposable Boat Plates Are Perfect For Parties

Are you the kind of person that loves to plan a good party and impress your mates with the thought and effort that goes into every detail? Whether you are planning a birthday party for a child or a holiday celebration, everything about your gathering should be fun and exciting. You spend a lot of time thinking about decorations, how to arrange your space to fit more people, and what kind of food would be well received. Why not put the same kind of effort into the way that you present your food, too? Skip boring old paper plates and take advantage of the unique and interesting pine boats Party Supplies Emporium has on sale!

Making your guests say, "Wow!" is easy with some eye-popping decorations, but can you impress them a second time when they go to grab a bite to eat? Not only do our disposable pine boats make for a cool presentation for all different kinds of foods, but they are totally biodegradable, too. When your party's all done, just pop them into your compost and let nature take its course! You avoid the need to use water and soap to clean up, and you aren't generating landfill trash either. It's an amazing option for any kind of party on so many levels.

Pine boats are ideal for all kinds of party foods

First things first: our disposable pine boat plates are made only of materials sourced from sustainably managed forestry projects, because at Party Supplies Emporium, we care about good stewardship of our planet. With their clean look, they don't distract from the food you serve up on them.

Pine boat plates are easy to hold, too, making them ideal for outdoor parties where your guests will be moving back and forth between food serving areas and social spaces for mingling. Best of all, when you're done, there's no need to rinse them out or even throw them into the garbage. Just toss the pine boats straight into your home compost system. With time, they'll break down, because they're simply natural wood. They're the perfect party plates, and we stock them in a number of sizes!

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Using our pine boat plates as an intriguing way to present your party food and as a way to save water during clean-up is the ultimate convenience. Combined with the many other incredible party products Party Supplies Emporium sells online, we can easily be your "one-stop shop" for everything you need to throw an enjoyable get-together. We leverage a reliable, fast delivery network to make sure your supplies reach you in time. Take a look at our pine boats and all the other choices and place your order online, or give us a ring on 1300 668 447 if you'd like to speak to an associate.