Cloudbuster balloons are very large Helium quality balloons and come in sizes of 4 foot, 5.5 foot and 8 foot. Highly elastic chloroprene rubber allows for expansion in hot weather and better puncture resistance. Manufactured with thick extra long necks for easier handling and sealing. Formulated with special UV inhibitors to resist degradation from the elements these balloons can last from 2 to as many as 15 days. The larger the balloon the longer it will float and air filled balloons can last for weeks! They are perfect to draw attention to your special event or promotion.

While manufactured to professional meteorological standards these giant round chloroprene cloudbuster balloons are designed for advertising and colourful display. Please note: No warranty is expressed or implied as usage is beyond our control.

Balloons supplied on this website do not include Helium.

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